The Ultimate Cleaning Kit: The First Step to Student Household Harmony

So there are probably many things that you’d rather be doing, but a quick bit of cleaning on a regular basis can help keep your student household living together in happiness. Every student house has one super-clean housemate who’s mind is melting in frustration at the others. Go on, help them out and stop their head from popping with this simple solution:  the ultimate cleaning kit. Keep all these things in stocked up and make any cleaning job easy.


Anti-bacterial cleaning wipes

Perfect for pretty much everything, especially kitchen and bathroom surfaces.

Microfibre cloths

Great for keeping gadgets and touchscreens clean.


Extra thick stuff is great for applying to the inside of the toilet. Do this regularly enough and hopefully you shouldn’t need to do much scrubbing.

Rubber gloves

Keep harsh chemicals off your hands, but remember to keep them clean and dry and replace them regularly.

Dust cloth

A quick wipe over surfaces regularly will help to avoid dust settling and help out anyone who might have allergies. Dusting during freshers’ flu season is a must!

Floor wipes

If you have hard floors then getting out the mop and bucket can seem like a huge job. Get a flat floor mop that you can clip floor wipes in to, like this one.

Handheld vacuum

Tackle spills and crumbs as they happen and get in those awkward spaces behind the sofa.


Keep your cleaning kit in a plastic tub or box and decide on a cleaning schedule that you can stick on the side so that everyone knows their jobs for the day. But, remember, democracy people! Do this together as a household to avoid any bad feelings.


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