Why make your bed every morning ?

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Why make your bed every morning ?


Caroline has a real thing about the way rooms should look after her or her team have left your house. They may not be asked to change the bedding but they will make sure you have a tidy, made bed to come home to, to climb back into after a long day.


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  1. The bed  makes the room look finished; if you feel like doing it yourself it gives you a productive start to the day, invigorating, a bit of exercise – all before your cup of coffee in the morning. Before jumping in the shower. Before sleeping.
  2. It given the impression of the rest of the room being tidy or with the intention of tidiness. If you have a made bed you are far less likely psychologically to throw your old clothes on the floor or on the bed and mess it…they may just end up in the laundry basket.
  3. It’ll set a good impression for the younger members of the family. And therefore one less job as you pass their door after they’ve gone to school.
  4. If a visitor comes to your house and has to pass your bedroom you won’t panic because a tidy room saves embarrassment and a sudden need to run upstairs and close your door before you let them up to repair the bathroom sink or your friend using your toilet.
  5. Another good reason is that when you come home after a long day its so nice to glance in the bedroom or fall into bed into a bed that looks lovely and crisp and tidy and like its not been left 10 minuted before.


york cleaner york bedroom


Please comment below so we know what you think ? What are your ideas – should you make the bed or not ?

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First Yell Review


We have our first Yell.com review

read it here..
01 Jun 2016
Amazing job every time!
We would and have recommended Cleaning At Your Place. They are friendly and most importantly do an amazing job and we are super fussy!! They really go the extra mile which we really appreciate!

from a valued customer of ours. It’s the first review but then we’ve only been on yell a week.

We pride ourselves on offering gold standard, individual service to all our customers, making sure they get the details they wanted taken care of week after week.

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