Easy Fresheners for Your Office Fridge

Coffee beans

It’s your turn to do the tea-run, but you can barely bring yourself to open the fridge and get the milk. It’s a Tuesday, and you know what that means: Linda’s got egg mayo for lunch. Nobody wants to have to face the whiff of a stinky office fridge whenever they open the door. Even the cleanest of fridges can harbour the smells of leftover lunches and smelly sandwich fillings. Leave a small container of these in the fridge and keep things smelling fresh. This one’s for you egg mayonnaise lovers!

Freshly-ground coffee

If your office is a bit fancy and you grind your own coffee beans then grind a few extra and leave them on a plate in the fridge. A small plate of freshly-ground coffee beans will help to neutralise odours and maybe even wake you up a bit every time you open the fridge door!

Baking Soda

A dish of baking soda left in the fridge will neutralise odours and is a great inexpensive alternative to ground coffee, particularly if someone in your office doesn’t like the smell of coffee.

Oranges and Lemons

Fresh lemons

Orange peel that has been bruised a little to release the oils will deodorise and add a lovely citrus smell to the fridge. Place on a plate or tray on one or more of the shelves. Similarly, a lemon cut into halves or quarters and placed around the fridge, flesh-side up, will act to freshen the smell inside.


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