The Hidden Benefits of End of Tenancy Cleaning

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Of course it’s a requirement for your property to have a good standard of cleanliness before any tenants move in, especially when they are expected to leave it in the same condition. But there are greater benefits than you might think in having a thorough end of tenancy cleaning service between each set of tenants.


Faster lets

Have your property looking great in estate agency photos and delivering a fantastic impression on first visit and you’ll have secured new tenants in no time at all. If the photos of your property were taken before anyone moved in then make sure the cleanliness is back up to those standards before allowing any new prospective tenants to visit. You don’t want the first visit to be a disappointment.


Better impressions

A clean and well-presented property shows prospective tenants that you are a professional landlord and conveys the message that you’re reliable when it comes to maintenance issues.


High quality tenants

A clean property attracts clean tenants that will take care of their home. You can expect that tenants with high standards in their property search will also have high standards in their daily living and the ongoing condition of their home.


Reduced costs

A deep clean will tackle any problems that might go unnoticed during regular cleaning and build up over time. A professional clean will often mean that something can be returned to its original condition rather than replaced. For example, in one recent end of tenancy clean we saved a local landlord money on replacing all his kitchen cupboard doors. He was very happy – as you can imagine!


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Getting Your Deposit Back: End of Tenancy Cleaning

A clean and empty property

Moving out at the end of your tenancy is a stressful and generally expensive time, so the last thing you want to do is risk not getting your deposit back. One of your biggest tasks (apart from packing!) is getting your house or flat perfectly clean – and perfect is what your landlord is looking for!


So follow our advice to make sure your property is ready for inspection.


Start with dusting

This may have seemed like an awkward task when your papers and ornaments were all over surfaces and ledges, but now that everything is packed away it should be a breeze. Go over all the window ledges, tops of bookcases and cupboards, tops of radiators, skirting boards and don’t forget the light fittings. You might find that you need to use damp cloths in the kitchen as dust that settles there can end up being quite sticky and greasy from cooking vapours.


Sweep any hard floors

Be sure to brush underneath any furniture or kitchen cupboards to get any stray bits of mess that might have found its way there.


Next, the hoovering

Go over all the carpets paying particular attention to the stairs. If you have any pets in the house then you might need to get a special attachment (there are loads on Amazon) to pick up any fuzz that they’ve left lying around.


Tackle the bathroom

First thing to do is to get some bleach in the toilet so it can start working on any grime, if there are any other stains on tiles or surfaces then get some bleach on them too. Wipe down the sink, the bath and outside of the toilet with some antibacterial spray or wipes. Put the shower curtain through the wash or give it a soak in some cold, mildly bleachy water, depending what the label says. If you have a shower cubicle then clean the glass with window cleaner and pay particular attention to the sealant. It may need some extra attention with bleach or another bathroom cleaner. Clean the mirrors, mop the floor and put any mats or rugs in the wash.


The Kitchen

Start by cleaning out the appliances. Inside the microwave, the oven, the fridge and the top of the cooker/the hob. Brush and wipe inside all of the cupboards and drawers, making sure you’ve got all the crumbs that seem to collect everywhere in a kitchen. Clean the fronts and backs of all cupboard doors as well as the fronts of drawers.

Wipe down all the surfaces and countertops and then clean, unclog and polish the sink. Be sure to check that there are no funny smells coming from the drain. If there are then think about homemade drain treatments or shop-bought solutions.


The lounge and bedroom(s)

Dust and hoover these rooms thoroughly as they will have had a lot of use. If the property came furnished then double-check that all of your belongings have been removed and that you’ve cleaned behind and underneath any big items. Don’t forget to check the curtains if there are any, especially if you have pets as pet hair has a tendency to collect at the bottom.


Things that you may have forgotten

Cleaning the windows can make a huge difference to the appearance of the property, it will let more light in and make sure that the place is looking its best for inspection. Door handles and doorknobs often get forgotten, so give them a quick once-over with some antibacterial wipes. Clean any marks from light-switch plates and the surrounding areas as well as any random smudges on walls.


Excellent work. You’re done. Say goodbye and lock the door!
End of tenancy cleaning can be a huge job, but if you get organised and start early then you can do it in parts. But if you don’t have time or feel like you need a helping hand then we’re the ones to call. Our friendly team will pitch in with you or just take the whole thing off your hands. Give us a call today for a no-obligation quote on 07957 235 574.

Why make your bed every morning ?

york cleaner york bedroom

Why make your bed every morning ?


Caroline has a real thing about the way rooms should look after her or her team have left your house. They may not be asked to change the bedding but they will make sure you have a tidy, made bed to come home to, to climb back into after a long day.


unmade bed


  1. The bed  makes the room look finished; if you feel like doing it yourself it gives you a productive start to the day, invigorating, a bit of exercise – all before your cup of coffee in the morning. Before jumping in the shower. Before sleeping.
  2. It given the impression of the rest of the room being tidy or with the intention of tidiness. If you have a made bed you are far less likely psychologically to throw your old clothes on the floor or on the bed and mess it…they may just end up in the laundry basket.
  3. It’ll set a good impression for the younger members of the family. And therefore one less job as you pass their door after they’ve gone to school.
  4. If a visitor comes to your house and has to pass your bedroom you won’t panic because a tidy room saves embarrassment and a sudden need to run upstairs and close your door before you let them up to repair the bathroom sink or your friend using your toilet.
  5. Another good reason is that when you come home after a long day its so nice to glance in the bedroom or fall into bed into a bed that looks lovely and crisp and tidy and like its not been left 10 minuted before.


york cleaner york bedroom


Please comment below so we know what you think ? What are your ideas – should you make the bed or not ?

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