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12 Steps to Update Your Bedroom

 We’ve mentioned a bedroom deep clean before as a good weekend project. After cleaning your cupboards out we think we can definitely knock out a bedroom deep clean in a few hours. If you are going to join in on the project, just put on some comfy clothes, turn up your favourite music or put the radio on and work your way through our not-so-daunting list of chores…you know you’ll be happy you did.

The Bedroom Deep Clean, Step-by-Step guide:

1) Pick Up and Put Away All Clothes, Hairdryers, Crimpers and shoes scattered all around.

2) Strip the Bed.

3) Launder the Bedding

4) Flip the Mattress

5) Push Aside the Bed and Clean Under It

6) Vacuum Out the Closet

7) Dust all Surfaces and Wipe Down Light Switches, Fixtures and Ceiling Fan with a Microfiber Cloth (don’t forget the skirting!)

8) Clean Windows and Mirrors with a Glass or All Purpose Cleaner

9) Vacuum Drapes with Brush Attachment, Wash Curtains (if they need it !) or Clean Blinds

10) Clean the Floors/Vacuum the Carpet

11) Remake the Bed, better still put the clean ones away and put a new colour on for a change; You’ll see a real difference then.

12) Have a bath and pamper yourself and enjoy a well deserved greats night sleep in your beautiful clean room.